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We are government decision makers. We are industry leaders. We are brilliant technologists. We are policy makers. We are Booz Allen alumni.

The Booz Allen Alumni network is an incredibly diverse group of professionals. Our alumni represent our rich heritage of bringing client ideas and solutions beyond those they would expect from a traditional consulting company. For more than 100 years, we have pioneered and inspired new systems and approaches that have transformed government and industry.

Join your fellow Booz Allen alumni to network with each other, stay up-to-date on industry news, and keep connections strong with new job opportunities.

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Booz Allen Networking Events

Our networking events represent an opportunity to stay connected to alumni across the country. These virtual and in-person activities provide an opportunity to re-kindle and re-charge relationships that, in some cases, span decades!

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Our alumni have some of the best insights into candidates across industry for our jobs. They provide some of our best referrals for positions within the Firm.

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Explore a sampling of articles that have appeared in the press about Booz Allen's studies, ideas, and people.

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Come Back Kid

It’s always our goal to retain our best employees. The reality is, great people do leave the firm for a variety of reasons. It’s also true for Booz Allen that many who resign end up coming back. It’s such a frequent occurrence, we’ve dubbed this special group Comeback Kids.

It’s telling, we think, that alumni consistently return to Booz Allen after exploring other options. While the reasons they return are as varied as why they left, the message is clear: Booz Allen is a great place to grow your career in an employee-centric, values-driven, opportunity-filled environment.

If you have an interest in returning to the firm, please reach out to the Comeback Kids Program [email protected] to connect with a member of our team and learn about next steps.

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